Top tips for business success by mentor Leon Doyer

Lizelle Grobler, winner of Bring Change Lowveld 2017 had her latest business mentorship session with Leon Doyer.

Leon Doyer brings a strong financial and business emphasis to the services of Wiekus Du Toit Attorneys. Leon obtained his BProc and LLB degrees from the University of Pretoria in 1999 and 2001, before being admitted as an attorney and conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa. After practising law as a partner at Du Toit-Smuts & Mathews Phosa Attorneys, he joined Investec Private Bank in 2008, gaining valuable commercial and financial experience.

Leon specialises in High Court litigation, labour law, commercial work, equity and finance brokering and matters relating to land restitution. He has established strong ties with South Africa’s banking and finance institutions, assisting clients in access to finance for business ventures and asset acquisition. He is a formally admitted commercial property practitioner and a member of SAPOA. Having served as the CEO of the Dunn Roman group of companies, Leon gathered valuable corporate governance experience, which now makes up a large part of his practice.
Here are Leon’s tips to keep a balance to be successful in business:
We are all social beings

We all have a few primary people in our lives, special friends. Make sure you spend time with them. Keep them close as they are important to you. We need people we can depend on in our lives, to be able to stay strong.

1. Religion – Your spiritual life is vital

It is very important to know what you believe. Have faith and live according to that.
God is very important in my life. You have to spend alone time every day, connecting with what you believe in. Spend some quiet time, meditating, reflecting on your life and where you are going.

2. Friends and family – A crucial part of your life

The centre of every person and what we are all about.
I believe in marriage, and the unity thereof. It’s a life decision to stay married to one person and to choose to have this special bond. It is hard work, but worth it.
If your relationship with your partner is unstable, everything else in your life will spiral out of control.
Being an entrepreneur takes guts and it comes with constant challenges. But if you have strong roots, and strong relationships with your partner, family and friends, every challenge can be overcome.

3. Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle

Make a conscious decision every day to live a healthy life.
Exercise, eat healthy and look after yourself. People have respect for that!
If you live a stressful life, you need a natural way of de-stressing.
If you don’t look after your body, it cannot sustain the pressures of life, and will let you down.
Healthy life, healthy mind, healthy business.

4. Systems are important in any business

Know what is going on in your business. Have good systems in place.
Know where your strong and weak points are in your business.
Strategy is important. Assess your business, and keep track of its growth.

5. The secret to a healthy business, is to appoint quality staff. Rather take longer to appoint someone, but make a good, educated decision

We are integrated, complete beings. Our lives have different components, but we have to keep balance in our lives.
Try to sustain a routine life as much as possible.
Life throws us constant challenges. Make a conscious decision every day to stay healthy.


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