Robin Jansma shares his recipe for success

Lizelle Grobler, winner of of Bring Change Lowveld 2017, spent an afternoon with Robin Jansma, local radio station manager, public personality,
MC and business guru recently.

Robin Jansma has lived and worked in radio in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga, South Africa for more than 12 years. He is currently the radio station manager at Radio Laeveld and was previously a Sales Manager at MPowerFM.

He displays a keen interest in online, multimedia and broadcasting trends and how people interact with brands, internet, products and services. He has been in the industry since 1991.

Some of his specialties include: radio broadcasting, television presenting, production, programming, advertising sales, management, online media, web maintenance, voice-over, master of ceremonies, radio presenting, music compiling, website and social network maintenance and all general management-level functions in radio.


Find your genre and stick to it

1. Be the expert at what you do.
2. Be the “go-to person”, “anything else I can help you with?” This is how you build relationships.
3. Sort it out, never mind the cost. If you have a situation, don’t sit on it, just sort it out.

Be better than yesterday, every day

1. Do something new, or for free (blog, vlog, share knowledge).
2. Add value to people’s lives.
3. Give acknowledgments (it is more powerful than gifts, cash or rewards). Take nothing your staff do for granted.


Positioning vs networking

1. Survey and target the person (know beforehand who you want to connect with at a function or event, learn his behaviour, and talk to him).
2. Behavioural patterns become trends.
3. Know about the history and learn the language. Especially if you move into a new area, town or a new company, get to know the history and the people. If you know something about them and make an effort, they will accept you faster.

Control your success

1. Stay humble at all levels.
2. Show respect to all, even the tea girl and the cleaner. You never know where that person will end up and if your paths will cross again.
3. Balance your basket (80/20). Do not give 80% of your attention to your big clients only. You might lose them and end up with only the small clients whom you were neglecting because they were not important enough in your eyes. Treat all clients as equally important, no matter how big or small the business is you get from them.
4. What legacy will you be leaving for your children? Make sure that they can always be proud of you. Wealth can come and go, you might end up leaving them nothing. But make sure they can be proud of you, this will stay forever.

SPOTLIGHT: “Time to come and time to go, know when your time to go has come.”You cannot stay on top for ever. Rather take yourself out of the spotlight when it is time to go, and leave with dignity. But do not hang on to something that has come and gone… We have to make space for new talent at some stage of our careers.


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